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November 2007 - Posts

Visual Studio 2008 Loadfest / Halo Fragfest / Guitar Hero Rockfest!

For those of you in Atlanta or the surrounding area, we (the Atlanta Microsoft Professionals, Atlanta .NET User Group and Microsoft (aka Doug Turnure)) will be hosting a Visual Studio 2008 Loadfest, followed by a Halo Fragfest / Guitar Hero Rockfest in
posted by Dan Attis | 9 Comments
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Yet Another great looking public facing MOSS Internet site!

A good friend of mine recently architected, developed and launched kroger.com using the MOSS 2007 platform.  This is yet another example of using it as a public facing site.  This isn’t to say that there weren’t a few hurdles, he mentioned many,
posted by Dan Attis | 5 Comments
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You Don't Need to Copy PDB Files to Debug in the GAC!

I generally don't post a link without much else but this was a no brainer and I feel every SharePoint developer, heck, every .NET developer needs to know this.  My friend and SharePoint pal, Doug Ware has discovered how to debug assemblies in the
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